A Message for Fundraising Professionals

First, we want to thank you for your time, heart and commitment that you give to make the world a better place. Every organization began as a dream. A vision was developed. It began and grew. Lives were changed because someone decided to make a difference. We applaud your service. Thank you for making things better, for helping others, and for making dreams come true.

Of course, you know that lot of work and effort goes into a successful fundraising event. Whether it is your own, your staff or volunteer hours, it takes time. Important time. We help you to focus that time and effort toward the things that are going to bring the greatest return back to your organization.

At H. K. Keller, our goal is to develop long term relationships with organizations seeking to generate significant dollars, who are open to ideas that will increase momentum, get the right people in the room, and make their guests happy they’ve attended the event.

With all the decisions and expenses of venue, food, decor, entertainment and promotion, your choice of a fundraising auction team is critical. Your choice of an auction team is a major decision that impacts your event income. We realize the decision to hire a professional fundraising auctioneer is a significant one. We would enjoy meeting with you and your team to see about how we can help.

We look forward to talking with you,

Tim Keller

H.K. Keller Fundraising Auction Team